About the ban

About the ban

About the ban

Join Can the Ban to ensure every person, regardless of income, has access to affordable, dependable transportation to be able to provide for their families, raise their children, travel freely, earn a living utilizing the vehicle that best suits their unique needs and circumstances, free from of government overreach and interference.

Let's work to ensure that the Advanced Clean Car II regulation enacted by the California Air Resources Board is rescinded and demand it be replaced by natural low cost alternatives to mass electrification and electric car integration, which is not really clean energy, producing CO2 when manufactured and toxic oxides when driven. Saving hundreds of billions in taxpayer in the process.

Thank you for choosing to stand up for your right to drive the car of your choice.

Drive free.

About The Ban

Direct action campaign to overturn the Advanced Clean Car II regulation, which proposes to ban new gas combustion engines by 2035 in California. In October 2022, the California Air Resource Board passed a ban on the sale of new gas cars by the year 2035, called the Advanced Clean Cars II, citing climate change concerns. However, California CO2 emissions make up only 1% of all emissions worldwide. This will have no significant impact on the environment, but will have a profound negative impact on low to moderate income families, businesses, and residents through the state, who can not afford or want an electric car and lack adequate infrastructure to own one. We feel affordable energy is a right and gas power is indispensable to our way of life. Let's join together to end the ban.

Are clean cars really clean? The answer is no. Electric cars may not produce CO2 when driven but emit large quantities of CO2 (more than a gas powered car) when manufactured. And, electric cars do emit toxic oxides and particulates into the environment. Let's stop vilifying gas and end extreme energy policies that are without merit and harm our communities.


  • Court litigation
  • Direct activism events
  • Petition signings
  • Can the Ban Instagram Challenge

Our Mission

Support continuing fossil fuel use in California for cars and trucks. To fight oppressive, extreme regulations that threaten our quality of life, limit our access to reliable, affordable energy, and inhibit our liberty.

Court Litigation:

  1. Can the Ban is on the forefront of state and federal filings to petition the courts to end the gas car ban. On November 15th, 2022, The Two Hundred submitted a federal writ of mandate to have the gas car ban vacated in the state of California citing due process concerns. We are monitoring this litigation closely.
  2. On March 17th, 2023, a request for reconsideration was submitted by Lynnette Robb to rescind the Advanced Clean Car II, citing irreparable community harm if this regulation proceeds. We are monitoring their reply.
  3. A second writ of mandate is being constructed citing Health & Safety Code violations as basis for a Supreme Court filing to vacate the ban. Fill out a contact request to stay up-to-date with open legal queries.

Direct Activism:

Can the Ban activism is localized to social media and direct mailings to the California Air Resources Board and Governor Newsom, in the form of a Instagram Can the Ban Selfie Challenge and Can the Ban Post Card Drop.

Directions on submitting an IG Can the Ban Selfie Post are in the menu section of this site. Post cards can be picked up at our 2 petition table events in the Flipping Tables section.

We anticipate direct action protests in Riverside and El Monte, at the CARB office locations in the near future. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Petition signings:

Can the Ban has two permanent petition signing venues where you can come to get information about the ban, sign the petition, fill out a postcard, talk to someone knowledgeable about climate change, sign up for an event, grab a snack and enter an autographed sports memorabilia raffle, provided by Thumbsupcards.com.

  • On Sunday morning between 8- 10 am, we will be at Peck Park in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Next to Bank of America.
  • On Wednesday between 9-12, we will be located at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California. In front of the Cruise Ship terminal.

If you’re in the area stop by. If you need more info contact us. Please sign up to end the gas car ban. Everyone that signs up is entered to win an autographed sports memorabilia item.